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The Morning Show, Fishing Report

Weekdays, 7–9am. Wake up Taos, and start your day off on the radio. Join Howie weekdays for a mix of music, news, and community conversation. Seasonal Fishing Report Fridays at 7:40am.

Good News Good Planet

Weekdays, 8:20am, 12:20pm, and 5:20pm. Change your focus, change your world. Happiness begins with good news. A two minute audio spot of good news.

Climate Connections

Weekdays, 9am and 4pm. From Yale University. Listen. Watch. Read. Act.

El Wow Show

Friday, 9–11am. Música para tu espíritu. Hosted by David Pérez.

The Friday Fix / Friday’s French Toast

Alternating Fridays, 11am–1pm. The Friday Fix: An eclectic mix of rock and more with Abigail. / Friday's French Toast with Kat.

The Bridge / EZ to LUV Fridays

Alternating Fridays, 1–4pm. The Bridge with Peter Halter. / EZ to LUV Fridays with Kiki Shakti.

As Above So Below

Fridays, 4–4:20pm. As Above, So Below, astrological and herbilogical forecast from Lucy McCall and Avala Mesa Miracles.

The Drive Time Show

Fridays, 4:20–6pm. The Drive Tim Show with DJ Erab and Juanxo.

High Desert Door Radio / Shaking the Pumpkin / Whole Mesa Reggae

Rotating Fridays, 6–8pm. High Desert Door Radio. / Shaking the Pumpkin. / Whole Mesa Reggae.

The Mojo Show

Fridays, 8–10pm. The Mojo Show with your main man, Mojo Marvin.

The Forge / Sonic Banquet

Alternating Fridays, 10pm–midnight. The Forge: Navigating the dark aural landscape of heavy metal. / Sonic Banquet: A buffet of all forms of rock music.