Public Service Announcement Requirements

As part of our commitment to the Taos community, KNCE is pleased to run your public service announcements on the air.

For your announcement to qualify as a PSA, it must be community-focused and not-for-personal-profit. If you’re promoting a pay-to-participate event with an entry cost that’s not going to a cause, it does not qualify as a PSA. 

PSAs must have a public service message. KNCE reserves the right to determine whether your submission qualifies as a true PSA.

Please submit your announcement of up to 40 words in the block to the right. Your PSA will be read at least twice a day for one week. If you wish your PSA to run longer than one week, you must re-submit when the week is up.


Don’t qualify, or just want to increase your exposure?

If you’d like to promote an event that does not qualify under the PSA guidelines, please ensure that it is listed at and you’ll receive free DJ reads on the day of the event. To purchase a package to promote your event, contact

If you’d like more targeted exposure for your announcement, please contact to inquire about purchasing an event promotion package.

PSA Form

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Please be sure that your announcement is written in THIRD PERSON, as it will be read live on-air by our DJs. Also please don't include long URL's. Listeners won't remember long URL's and they are hard to read. Use your primary domain and make it easy for listeners to find this content from your homepage.