Become an Airstreamer, cheap radio advertising in Taos, NM

15 Second ads at a great price – only $5.00 each!

Our Airstreamer is an insanely cheap radio advertising package and is only available to small local businesses. 

It’s really simple to become an Airstreamer. Submit your ad using the form below, we will invoice you, we will record the ad, and it will start running within two weeks.

Because these radio ads are so affordable, we do require a minimum 3-month commitment.

Before signing up for Taos’ cheapest radio advertising package, you need to know a few things:

  • Ads are $5.00 each
  • There is a $100/month and 3-month minimum
  • You must be a small local business
  • Thes ads can’t be used to promote events, only your business
  • Ads are 15 seconds long and will run between 9am and 10pm
  • We voice your ad (additional $25 if you would like to be the voice)
  • There is a $25 charge if you want to change your ad
  • You will need to pay online by credit card after we send you an invoice. It’s easy!
  • Is this not the right package for you? See our other affordable radio advertising packages

Become an Airstreamer now:

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*Remember, these ads are only 15 seconds long, keep your copy short, say your business name twice and include someway to find out more information at the end. If you don't know where to start, just give us some information about your business and we will do the rest! Hear an Example

*There is an additional charge if you want to be the voice of your ad. Remember these are INSANELY cheap and in order to make it work, we need to record the ad. Hear examples: A handsome man or A lovely lady