Las Cafeteras

This is the first time that we had the opportunity to literally cram a band into KNCE’s Airstream trailer. Thanks to Roots & Wires Presents, we were able to get 7 band members, their soundguy, a dj, an onsite audio mixer, a camera man, and some stray fans packed into the trailer. Frankly, I was concerned about the reliability of the floor with that many people in the trailer, but sure enough she held out for a stellar performance!

Las Cafeteras create a vibrant musical fusion with a unique East LA sound and a community-focused political message. Their Afro-Mexican rhythms, zapateado & inspiring lyrics tell stories of a community who is looking for love & fights for justice in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. They were coming through Taos mid October as a fundraiser for Taos CAV. Roots & Wires was able to raise more than $5,000 for Taos Community Against Violence.

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