• Wax On, Wax Off

  • Bridging the Gap

  • Musica Obscura

  • Sagebrush Sessions

    Quench your soul thirst with the Sagebrush Sessions. VisudhaBuddha takes you on a journey of World, Tribal, Soulful and Uplifting Beats.  Move Your Body, Move Your Life. Your Heart Too.

  • True Taos Radio

    KNCE Taos 93.5

  • Stones & Bones

    Wednesdays 10pm – midnight. Electronica.

  • The Roots and Wires Reggae Sound System

    7pm – 10pm. The world-famous Roots + Wires, now in its 21st year on the air.

  • Jazz With Judy

    Alternate Saturdays, 6pm – 8pm. If it’s improvised… and it swings… you’ll HEAR it HERE. with Judy Katzman.

  • Free Form Fridays

    1pm – 4pm. Selections from 6 decades of that massive genre called rock n roll, peppered with its influences and offshoots!

  • Taos Calling

    4pm – 6pm. Alternating between Tune in Tokyo, presenting a variety of contemporary music from Japan, Korea and points beyond; and Scream Therapy, covering contemporary music from Emo, Indie-rock, Post-Grunge to K-pop and much more.

  • Americana: Southwest and Beyond

    11am – 2pm. The distinctive genre that emerged from the roots of American music, with Susan Dilger.

  • The Cafe

    Alternative with retro classics. Alternate Wednesdays, 1 – 4pm, with Katy

  • For What It’s Worth

    9am – 10am. Ron and Dancer spin vinyl and take your questions about classic vinyl, collectibles, and antiques.

  • True Tech Talk

    Every third Tuesday, 9am – 10am, with Oban Lambie and Howie Roemer

  • Everything is Everything

    Every second Tuesday 9am – 10am, with DJ Native Son

  • Happy Music Makes Me Sad, Sad Music Makes Me Happy

    Alternate Sundays, 10pm – midnight. With Cory Smith

  • See Something Say Something Hear Us Radio Hour

    S4 teen advocates talk suicide prevention, peer support, mental health and how Taos teens are working to prevent teen suicide and empower community. Oh yeah . . . and we play LOTS of cool music too!

  • Classical Music

    9am – 11am, with Zach.

  • Golden Willow Hour

    9am – 10am, first Tuesday of the month. Ted Wiard and Ted Dimond host the Golden Willow Radio Hour, a program about coming together to support a community, and making time for growth and healing.

  • Happy Hour

    4-6pm Monday through Friday, a rotating cast of some KNCE favorites.

  • Wake Up, Taos!

    7am – 9am.

  • Wake Up, Taos!


    Alternate Tuesdays, 6 – 8pm. Nueva música deliciosa features new release music in English and Spanish with DJs Gee and Alo.

  • Star Sessions

    Alternate Saturdays, 8pm – 10pm. House, Dance, Techno, Electronic Music in the mix, live with Jessica Star the Girl Wunder.

  • Kickin’ It Old School

    6pm – 8pm. Come on, admit it, you all secretly love the 80’s. Join Shera for an evening of throw-back dance, rock and rap from the days when MTV, big hair, and Guess Jeans were “Totally Rad”.

  • Golden Years

    6am – 8am Saturdays. The Golden Years is a morning show dedicated to the 55+ community; great music and talk radio.

  • New Roots Music

    Fridays 6pm – 8pm with DJ Riddim.

  • Anything and Everything

    10am – 1pm. A varied playlist from different genres. More music, less talk. With Gary Storch.

  • The Hero’s Journey

    9am – 10am, last Tuesday of the month. The Taos Education and Career Center community radio program showcases their amazing students as they journey along their educational, professional and life paths.

  • Wake Up, Taos!

    7am – 9am.

  • Wake Up, Taos!

    7am – 9am.

  • Spilt Milk : sad songs + self help

    Alternate Sundays, 10pm – midnight. sad songs + self help. a variety of songs you’d listen to when you’re sad. emotional hardcore, folk, classic rock etc.

  • Tree Music

    9am – 11am, with your host Suzanne.

  • Hip Hop Collective

    Alternate Thursdays, 10pm – midnight. Rotating group of DJs bringing you dope tunes.

  • Global Boom Box

    Alternate Fridays, 8pm – 10pm. The diggable sounds and full spectrum of World Punk. World music with Punk Rock roots, and all the sounds in between. Some forgotten, some remembered, some overlooked, some just out!

  • It’s All Good Radio Hour

    First Wednesday of the month, 9am – 10am. Discover things that are good for you. Each show delves into different aspects of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and offers valuable tools to help each of us reach our own ultimate potential.

  • Wake Up, Taos!

    7am – 9am.

  • Dive Bar Juke Box

    Saturdays 2pm – 4pm. Inspired by 90s college bar juke boxes in Kansas and long nights listening to albums. With Yasmin Haque.

  • Inspiration Stew

    Alternate Saturdays, 2pm – 4pm. Inspirational journey crafted for you to lean on and rejuvenate in, through a mix of reggae, Grateful Dead, 70’s classic tunes, downtempo & electronic, gospel & spirituals, and lots of other goodness!

  • Bangers and Bumps

    Alternate Saturdays, 10pm – midnight. Stevee D brings you up-to-date on electronic music that is ever-evolving.

  • The Sunday Night Jazz Experiment

    10pm – midnight. Edgier jazz — aka “stuff the cocktail pianist won’t play for you.” Explore the unusual.

  • The Outsiders — Teen Radio

    Alternate Mondays, 6pm – 8pm. An experiment in grassroots youth radio!

  • Sal’s Sunday Songs

    9am – 11am. Classical, jazz, and gospel for your pleasure and enjoyment! With your host Salman.

  • The Yaweh Radio Hour

    Fourth Sundays, 1pm – 2pm. with DJ Chrystalline

  • Ester Morphic Show

    Alternate Fridays, 8pm – 10pm.

  • True Taos Kids

    Saturday mornings 7am – 8am, Sundays 2pm – 3pm. This show features live musical performances, poetry, humorous and educational segments created by kids ages 6-17 from 14 Taos schools, as well as classic kid’s music from the last 50 years. With science activities from Twirl Taos, “nature nuggets” from the Field Institute of Taos, financial […]

  • On the Fly

    9am – 10am, occasional Tuesdays. Freeform music and great community conversations with Howie Roemer.

  • The Radio Show

    midnight – 2am. with moon dog and melancholy. we listen to music and so can you!

  • Friday Night Fish Fry

    Alternate Fridays, 6pm – 8pm. All funk, only funk, every other Friday! Rotating DJs.

  • Weekly Dose

    Alternate Saturdays, 8pm – 10-pm. With Grady and AJ.

  • The Cosmic Jukebox

    Friday night/Saturday morning, midnight – 2am. The first in-depth hour is dedicated to the music of a singular artist and/or band. A second hour will explore the eclectic world of classic Progressive Rock.

  • The Alligator Farm

    Monday night/Tuesday morning, 1am – 3am. Join the fun as we take you through our adventures, our dreams and our nightmares. We’ll take phone calls, too.

  • Carnival of Sound

    with DJ Lil Will. A little bit of everything.

  • Hambone!

    10am – noon. Old-time and bluegrass music for your enjoyment!

  • The Friday Fix

    Alternate Fridays, 11am – 1pm. An eclectic mix of classic and indie rock, alternative, grunge, psychedelic, punk, shoegaze and more. With Abigail Kagan.

  • CrossTalk

    Third Wednesday of the month, 9am – 10am.

  • Taos Talks

    Alternate Wednesdays, 9am – 10am. Creating conversation surrounding substance abuse and healthy living in Taos County. By Taos Alive and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.

  • Barcelona Sound System

  • Exploring Music By Genre

    Join international man of mystery Jacques Steel and his sidekick Maury on an exploration of musical styles and crucial albums. Each show is devoted to celebrating a different genre of music. “Every genre has something to offer!”

  • The Lucy McCall Astrology Report

    4pm. A week’s worth of stars for your Friday afternoon.

  • Radio Theatre: The Dark Hour

    Original live radio theatre, written and performed by a rotating cast of Taos High School students.

  • Fire on the Mesa

    3pm – 5pm. A collective of DJs sharing Grateful Dead music over the KNCE airwaves.

  • Futuresoul

    Alternate Thursdays, 6pm – 8pm. The best in modern soul platters served with a side of afrofuturist aesthetic.

  • El Show

    Alternate Tuesdays, 6pm – 8pm. A bilingual radio show that combines Latin music with guest interviews, focusing on our Latino/Hispanic community but often going beyond. El Show will both keep you engaged and have you dancing. Hosted by David Perez and La Te.

  • The Forge

    10pm – midnight. Navigating the dark aural landscape of heavy metal.

  • SOL Sessions

    Deep grooves and flowing sounds of latin, tango, cumbia, reggae, dub, bossa, funk, hip-hop and more with your hosts Dr. Das and DJ Sunsets.

  • Defrosting with DJ Ram

  • Potent Radio

    10pm – midnight. Beats, rhymes & soul, live performances with members of PO.10.CEE.

  • Thursday Night Raydio

    8pm – 10pm. Music from the 1920s to the present. Free Your Ears and Your Mind Will Follow!

  • Rhythm In A Riff

    1pm – 4pm. Adventurous jazz, blues, and more from around the globe.

  • Root Travels Morning Session

    7am – 10am. Host Catjive complements your morning with soul, roots, funk, grass, folk, blues and jazz, rock and pop.

  • Trailer Politics

    the American politics show hosted by Peter Botting.

  • Electronic Dust

    10pm – midnight. With DJ Eric Savage.

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    10pm – midnight. A radiozine exploring ladies making music — in any form, including collaborations, covers, and bands with female musicians that have male vocalists — crossing eras and genres from Ella Fitzgerald and Loretta Lynne to L7 and Lunachicks.

  • World on Tour

    8pm – 10pm. The very best of global music with DJ Ram.

  • The Latin Mix

    Alternate Tuesdays, 6pm – 8pm. DJ ALo plays all-time Latin hits. The Latin Mix will make you shake your body with rhythms from the Caribbean, Spain, Central and South America. Aquí se habla Español.

  • Desert Isle Radio Hour

    Alternate Mondays, 6pm – 8pm. DJ Gee explores 50 years of song, from Wilson Pickett to Wilco; from Gram Parsons to Graham Parker, Ray Charles to Ray LaMontagne, Patsy Cline to Patti Smith; from Cat Stevens to Cat Power, the Spin Doctors to Dr. Hook, the Smiths to the Smithereens. Music so good, you’ll wish you were stranded on a desert island!

  • Floyde’s Jukebox

    1pm – 4pm. Floyde’s Jukebox is un-predictable, wild, crazy, fun rock-n-roll SHOW!!! The man can’t keep us down… It’s an up-thing, baby.

  • Hart and Soul and the Kitchen Sink

    Alternate Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm. A little bit of everything, a whole lotta Hart. With your host Sarah Hart.

  • Outlaw Country

    Alternate Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm. Old school country, bluegrass and outlaw country songs. Searching for new and upcoming music, and featuring bands you might not have ever heard of. With Wil Burlin.

  • Peter Halter

    Alternate Fridays, 11am – 1pm.

  • ADHD Radio

    Great music, local happenings, and live interviews with JP Fresh and Todd All-mighty. Disclaimer: May cause uncontrollable dancing, unusual behavior and euphoria.

  • Shaking the Pumpkin

    8pm – 10pm. A simultaneous construction and eschewing of predictable sound punctuation in somewhat experimental and phonetic chants where the selector charges musical language with pulsing melody and earthy ground-bass.

  • What Are These Things?!

    10am – 1pm. DJ and rhythm ambassador Julia Daye combines delicious international sounds with lively creative inquiry, answering (or not) the question, What Are These Things?! with guests, poetry, AND of course, more music.

  • 3 Hour Yummy with Spanky

    10am – 1pm. Spanky lives in a Strawberry Shortcake perfect world, massaging your ears with a Psychedelic-Hard-Grungy-Scum-Rock-Bee-Bop-Freak-Folk mix SPECIFICALLY called “3 Hour Yummy.”

  • True Taos Farm to Table

    True Taos Farm to Table is your community radio show delivering news on where to find local, sustainable food in Taos.

  • Monotone Mondays

    10pm – midnight. A two-hour test tube batch of mosh-pitting, face-grinding, eardrum-splitting, knee-slapping hoedown of punk rock, dirty country, and extreme metal.

  • Crossroads Blues

    8pm – 10pm. Kickass blues from the Delta and the Hill Country to Chicago with an added dash of Memphis Soul.

  • Dead Jazz Stars Radio

    Alternate Saturdays, 6pm – 8pm. Jazz profiles of classic jazz musicians, ancient to the future. With Jeffrey Cohen.

  • The African Groove

    Alternate Fridays, 8pm – 10pm. Traditional African music as well as popular club music both appeal deep down to our need to connect to the earth, to the drum, and of course, to the beat! Put on your dancing shoes, or bare your feet; either way we’re shaking it non-stop on “The African Groove,” with Dan Allard.

  • Happy Hour

    4-6pm Monday through Friday, a rotating cast of some KNCE favorites.

  • Part Animal, Part Machine

    1pm – 4pm. Raw rock attitude, ecclectic electronica, head bobbin’ beats and the inspirational artists that influenced them all. A diverse mix of stimulating music for soul, body and mind, with M. Rikker.

  • All Over the Map

    11am – 1pm. Be prepared to be surprised, delighted, moved, amused and sometimes annoyed. With VisudhaBuddha or Misbehavin’ Raven.

  • Work in Progress

    Start your week off right with Jim Sanborn.

  • Kriptik

    A slightly twisted and ever so indulgent auditory journey. Psychedelia, IDM, experimental, weird noises, strange tones, and outer worldly sounds that defy categorization. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. With Jex and Josh of Subatomica.

  • Record Ceremony

    5pm – 7pm. Vinyl record culture. Celebrating the lesser known musicians and vibes from humanity’s dusty recorded history, with Miles Bonny.

  • Cruisin’ With the Oldies

    Take your Sunday drive to the sound of classic oldies from 12 – 4pm every Sunday afternoon.

  • Praise from the Mesa

    Sundays 8am – 10am. Enjoy your morning with 3 hours of the best in gospel music.

  • Radio re:Mixed

    Alternate Saturdays, 10pm – midnight. Explore the deeper sides of electronic music with DJ Bonehead. Downtempo, re:Edits, Broken Beats, Underground House and Techno.

  • Tonal Ranger Radio

    Alternate Wednesdays, 1pm – 4pm. An extension of The Tonal Ranger music column that appears weekly on New releases and all-time favorites with your host Andy Jones.

  • Captain Carl

    8am – 11am. Start your Saturday off right with a mix of country and Americana.

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