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The Morning Show

Weekdays, 7am - 9am. Wake up Taos, and start your day off on the radio. Join Howie weekdays for a mix of music, news, and community conversation.

Good News Good Planet

Weekdays, 8:20am, 12:20pm, and 5:20pm. Change your focus, change your world. Happiness begins with good news. A two minute audio spot of good news.

Climate Connections

Weekdays, 9am and 4pm. From Yale University. Listen. Watch. Read. Act.

Living with Earth

Wednesdays, 9am - 10am. A program that examines questions like "Can humans grow food in a way that supports biological and cultural diversity, regenerates soil, optimizes human health, protects the water and help heal the climate."

Radio Free Barnmaster

Alternate Wednesdays 10am-1pm. Free range radio with the Barnmaster.

Edge of Chaos

1pm - 4pm. Free-form at its most free.

Happy Hour

Wednesdays 4 - 6pm.

Hart & Soul

6pm - 8pm with Sarah Hart. A little bit of everything, a whole lotta Hart.

Libby on the Label / Too Many Notes

6 - 8pm, with Libby or Chris

KNCE Late Night / For the Record

Wednesdays, 10pm - midnight. A Musical Journey into the Theater of Your Mind.