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The Alligator Farm

Tuesdays, 1–3am. From the dark swamp of antiquity comes the alligator farm. Don't miss the alligator farm. We know where you live.

The Morning Show

Weekdays, 7–9am. Wake up Taos, and start your day off on the radio. Join Howie weekdays for a mix of music, news, and community conversation. Tuesday's Morning Show brought to you by UNM Taos.

Good News Good Planet

Weekdays, 8:20am, 12:20pm, and 5:20pm. Change your focus, change your world. Happiness begins with good news. A two minute audio spot of good news.

Climate Connections

Weekdays, 9am and 4pm. From Yale University. Listen. Watch. Read. Act.

Tuesday Community Talk

Tuesdays, 9–10am. Rotating programs hosted by local non-profits organizations. First Tuesday of the Month: The Golden Willow Radio Hour.

Tragedy of the Radio / TBD

Alternating Tuesdays, 10am–1pm. Tragedy of the Radio with Little Bo Peep. / TBD

Floyde’s Jukebox / The Crucible

Alternating Tuesdays, 1–4pm. Floyde's Jukebox. / The Crucible with Violet D. Crone.

Citrus Social Hour

Tuesdays, 4–6pm. The Citrus Social Hour.

Tonal Ranger / Sun Dog Radio

Alternating Tuesdays, 6–8pm. Tonal Ranger Radio. / Sun Dog Radio.

World on Tour

Tuesdays, 8-10pm. The very best of global music. With the occasional Lat 'N Go edition courtesy Ricky Carlini!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Tuesdays, 10pm –midnight. A radiozine exploring ladies making music, crossing eras and genres.