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The Morning Show

Weekdays, 7–9am. Wake up Taos, and start your day off on the radio. Join Howie weekdays for a mix of music, news, and community conversation.

Good News Good Planet

Weekdays, 8:20am, 12:20pm, and 5:20pm. Change your focus, change your world. Happiness begins with good news. A two minute audio spot of good news.

Climate Connections

Weekdays, 9am and 4pm. From Yale University. Listen. Watch. Read. Act.

Thursday Community Talk

Thursdays, 9-10am. Rotating programs hosted by local non-profits organizations. First Tuesday of the Month: UNM Taos Lobo Hour.

Liv at the Party!

Alternating Thursday, 10am–1pm. Liv at the Party!

Magic on Wax with Jarvis Black / Flamingos Garage with Danny Oakleaf

Alternating Thursday, 1–4pm. Magic on Wax with Jarvis Black. / Flamingos Garage with Danny Oakleaf.

Happy Hour with Kohlbier

Thursdays 4–6pm. Happy Hour with Kohlbier.

The Magpie Music Show

Thursdays, 6–8pm. The Magpie Music Show with Sister Janice.

Thursday Night Raydio

Thursdays, 8–10pm. Free Your Ears and Your Mind Will Follow!

Hip Hop Underground / Red Willow Rap Attack

Thursdays, 10pm–midnight. Hip Hop Underground. / Red Willow Rap Attack.