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Praise from the Mesa

Sundays, 6–8am. Enjoy your morning with the best in gospel music.

Suite Melodies

Sundays, 8–10am. Classical music with Molly.

One More Song

Sundays, 10am–noon. Open-hearted Music for Modern Times. Richard Aufrichtig.


Sundays, noon–2pm. Old-time and bluegrass music for your enjoyment!

Thacker Mountain Radio Hour

Sundays, 2-3pm. Thacker Mountain Radio Hour from Oxford, Mississippi.

Fire on the Mesa

Sundays, 3–5pm. A collective of DJs sharing Grateful Dead music over the KNCE airwaves.

Chicken Fried Parts / Music and Film

Alternating Sundays, 5–7pm. Chicken Fried Parts. With DJ Wendy. / Music and Film with Gabby.

The Roots + Wires Sound System

Sundays, 7–10pm.  The world-famous Roots + Wires, since 1996.

SubRoutine / The Bassic Show

Alternating Sundays, 10pm–midnight. SubRoutine with Juanxo. / The Bassic Show with DJ Daniel.