KNCE encourages you to spend your money here in Taos every holiday season.

This year, it’s more important than ever. So we’re not just asking you to Shop Local — we’re asking you to Shop Different.

We know it will be tempting to order gifts from big online retailers this year. It’s so easy, and we’re not allowed out anyway!

Please resist the urge, and find ways to support local businesses this holiday season.

Remember that every dollar you spend in Taos goes directly back into supporting our community. Remember that small local businesses — run by your friends and neighbors — are trying really, really hard to survive the pandemic.

Look, we know it sucks out there. But there are so many ways we can still make the holidays special, and support our community while we’re at it.

So this year, why not:

  • buy some craft supplies from a local business and make something for your family
  • Give everyone gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, for those cold winter nights when you want to get take-out and play games by the fire
  • Adopt a pet — the gift that keeps on giving, and shedding, and pooping, and giving!
  • Go get those home-improvement supplies, and give everyone the gift of finishing that game room you promised them five years ago
  • Get some locally-made beauty products and treat everyone to an at-home spa day!

Everything else is different this year. It’s time to Shop Different, too.

Stay home, stay safe, and Shop Local, Taos.