As a commercial radio station, the FCC requires us to file a quarterly report indicating any “significant treatment of community issues” happening on the air.  We know you all are covering a LOT of significant community issues, and we want to capture them for this report.

When you have interviews or segments that address a community issue, just fill out the easy form below and we’ll take it from there. “Community issues” is loosely defined, so you be the judge. When in doubt, tell us about it — it’ll be nice to have the record, anyway!

Make sure you fill out all of the sections; the more detailed you are able to be the better. If you’re reporting about an interview, under ‘Profession and Position’ please include information about where they work and what they do.

If you plan to have a guest on your show who is running for any office, you must let us know in advance and report it here. There are strict FCC guidelines regarding airtime given to political candidates, so we need you to help us track any conversations you have with anyone who is a candidate for elected office.


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