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Wake Up, Taos! is KNCE’s weekday morning show featuring great talk, news and music from 7am to 9am.

Below is an archive of select shows and segments.


Governor Martinez Unscripted In Taos

Martinez is known for not talking to the press, but when she rolled into town on Tuesday to a crowd of disgruntled Taoseños, she said the crowd was rude and that she wanted to talk to the  press instead.

Valentine’s Day Special

KUNM’s Katie Stone produces The Children’s Hour. She brings a wealth of radio experience about telling stories and facilitating discussion on the history and customs of Valentine’s Day, and where we are with it these days as a culture. Irene Garden is a nurse midwife who spends her free-time studying animal sexuality. She joins the […]

Episode 59: Mama On The Radio

It’s the holidays which means Rita Daniels brings her mom, Kathy Albrecht, into the studio to co-host Wake Up, Taos! Albrecht writes a popular newspaper column in southern New Mexico and spends much of her time doing activism work south of the border.

Episode 58: Congreso de las Acequias, Snow Predicted for Taos, Fracking Friction

The Congreso de las Acequias convened in Taos over the weekend. The event started with traditional music and a water blessing. Snow is predicted for the region this evening according to NWS meteorologist Kerry Jones. Bureau of Land Management shut down Navajo tribal members earlier this month wanting to express their concerns over fracking in New […]

Episode 57: Taos Cross-Country Girls Honored for Taking State, Solutions to Infusing the Local Economy, Fire Safety

On a cold and blustery day, Taos cross-country runners were honored for their win at State. The Solutions Journalism team  delved into bolstering local economies this month. Reporter Leah Todd joins the program with the final installment in the series. Taos Fire Marshall Eric Oiesen Vreek has tips on how to not burn your house […]

Episode 56: History of Trains in the Southwest

The railroad dramatically changed the southwest in the late 1800’s. Rita Daniels rode the rails recently and brings us the hidden history.

Episode 55: Taos Community Chorus St. Cecilia Mass, Not Forgotten Outreach Celebrates Veterans Day

The Taos Community Chorus is set to perform the mass of St. Cecilia over the coming weeks. KNCE’s Rita Daniels brings us a sneak peak. In honor of Veterans Day the Not Forgotten Outreach will be co-hosting a community ceremony and feast tomorrow. Daniels caught up with some of the vets and family members of […]

Episode 54: Harnessing the Present Moment with Anice Joy, DAPL Forgiveness Walk with Lyla June

In light of election results last night, KNCE takes a step into the present moment with Hot Yoga Taos proprietor Anice Joy who reminds us all to take a deep breath. Lyla June Johnston just returned from Standing Rock where she joined hundreds of people in a forgiveness march to the Morton County Police Station.

Episode 53: La Niña Brings Moisture, History of Voting in USA, Taos Celebrates St. Martin with Pigs and Beer

Despite the dour dryness associated with a La Niña season, Taos got wet this weekend. KNCE has an update with NWS meteorologist Clay Anderson. The right to vote in our country only pertained to male property owners initially. It took decades of  blood and protest to secure that inalienable right to Women, Blacks and Native Americans, as explained […]

Episode 52: League of Women Voters, Debunking Daylight Saving

League of Women Voters of New Mexico joins the program this morning, assuring listeners that voting is secure in New Mexico. Historian Chris Klein debunks myths around Daylight Saving Time.

Episode 51: Graveyard Wedding, Dia de los Muertos in Questa, Wolf Recovery, PNM Withdraws Gas Plant Proposal, NM Political Report on Trump

Nuptials were exchanged at Manby’s gravesite on Halloween. Judge Shannon said he initially proposed officiating the ceremony as a joke but it proved to be a rather popular idea. The village of Questa celebrated Dia de Los Muertos with Aztec dancers, letters to the dead, feasting and Mariachi music. Defenders of Wildlife updates KNCE on […]

Episode 50: History of Halloween, Balloon Rally, Trump in NM, Ayurveda with Patrick Shaw

Author David Skal and Bryan Le Beau discuss some of the myths and origins of Halloween. This story is part of an Organization of American Historians project. With only 9 days to go until the election, Donald Trump held a last minute rally in Albuquerque last night. This weekend marked the 34th Taos Mountain Balloon Rally. […]

Episode 49: Damon Scott on Gorge Bridge Suicide, USFS Geologist on Proposed Geothermal Leasing, Taos Artist Anee Warde

Taos News editor Damon Scott writes about the latest suicide at the Taos Gorge Bridge. USFS geologist Larry Gore on the proposed geothermal energy exploration near the Valles Caldera. Artist Anee Ward opens up about her work at the easel and creative marketing.

Episode 48: Sports Roundup with Arcenio Trujillo, Dia de los Muertos Traditions

Sports Editor Arcenio Trujillo joins Rita D to talk about being a jock, his own running and basketball career at Taos High and how all our young athletes are doing this year. And with Dia de los Muertos rapidly approaching, we hear from Guillermo Rosette and Linda Velarde about ancient traditions this time of year […]

Episode 47: Milking The Rhino, Yoga For The Change Of Seasons

Tribes in Kenya and Namibia living with wild animals are re-examining their relationship with the wild. Milking the Rhino is a documentary that examines wildlife conservation and the deepening conflict between humans and animals in an ever-shrinking world. The filmmaker told KNCE’s Rita Daniels it is a revolution that is turning poachers into preservationists and local people […]

Episode 45: NM State Auditor Ranks Taos, Sanders Rallies For Clinton, La Niña, Wild Devon Hoffman

State auditor Tim Keller released his annual report on the financial practices of hundreds of agencies. The Questa and Taos Municipal School Districts have cleaned up their act in recent years but still have a ways to go. Bernie Sanders rallied support for Hillary Clinton‘s presidential run in Albuquerque on Tuesday at the University of […]

Episode 44: Detox Funding, News Headlines, Local Public Defender On Services and Budget Cuts

Director of the Behavioral Health Services Division briefed a joint committee in Taos recently on possible revenue funding for detox services in Taos. The new manager of the Office of the Public Defender says even though the governor is slashing budgets, they are obligated under the state constitution to provide counsel for anyone who has […]

Episode 43: Gina Breedlove Headed To Taos, Special Screening of Cortez

Gina Breedlove will be performing in Taos this weekend. She is well known for her singing career with Harry Belafonte and for her roles on Broadway. Cheryl Nichols, Arron Shriver and Johnny Long are among some of the talented people who collaborated in the making of the film Cortez. The crew is having a special […]

Episode 42: Hotel Overlay Zone and Cultivating Hemp Seed

The Town Council voted in favor of the Hotel Overlay Zone last night. Phillip Alexander works with the Not Forgotten Outreach program which brings almost two thousand veterans and their families to town for skiing and spoke out in favor of the proposal. And a religious non-profit talks about growing hemp seed-stock in northern New […]

Episode 41: The Science of Hail Stones, NM Political Report on Trump

Meteorologist Chuck Jones joins the program to talk weather science after hail stones fell in Taos over the weekend. New Mexico Political Report correspondent Andy Jones explains how peaceful protests turned violent when Trump visited New Mexico back in May.

Episode 40: Taos High Culinary Arts Program, Tish Hinojosa Performs Live In-Studio With Anny Celsi

The Taos High Culinary Arts program is catering parties across town this weekend. KNCE’s Rita Daniels caught up with some of the budding chefs as the prepped everything from chocolate cake the chorizo crostini. Long time Taos favorite Tish Hinojosa is on tour again, this time with collaborator Anny Celsi. The two perform live in the […]

Episode 38: Opioid Update with Ed Williams

Reporter Ed Williams joins host Rita Daniels on the program to talk about funding for drug-detox facilities in northern New Mexico as well as prevention and treatment. Williams was awarded two reporting fellowships recently to study the opioid epidemic locally.

Episode 37: Copper Rule, Taos Magazine with Andy Jones, Roots and Wires Fall Lineup Celebrating 20 Years

Journalist Laura Paskus joins the program to talk about movement this week revamping the Copper Rule after the New Mexico Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday from environmentalists, regulators and the mining industry. KNCE’s The Tonal Ranger, aka Andy Jones, is live in the studio, dishing out the latest on the Taos Balloon Rally and his […]

Episode 36: Emotional Intelligence at Taos High, PRC To Rule on PNM Rate Case

Hundreds of freshman from Taos High went on an EQ, emotional intelligence, learning retreat last week. The program, recognized by Yale University, is in it’s sixth year and teaches happiness, stress management, teamwork and trust building. Today the Public Regulation Commission is expected to issue a decision on Public Service Company of New Mexico’s rate case […]

Episode 35: Local News Headlines, Weather and Climate Outlook with the National Weather Service

On todays episode of Wake Up, Taos!, we spend some time with recent news headlines from across the state. And as the season changes, National Weather Service meteorologist Andrew Church joins the program.

Episode 34: Police Officers On Trial For Murder , Wilderness Society Survey Finds Taoseños Value Public Lands, PASEO artist Parker Jennings’ Inspiration Behind Radio Confessionals.

Associated Press reporter Russell Contreras has been covering the murder trail this week of two former Albuquerque Police Officers in the death of homeless man James Boyd. A new poll commissioned by the Wilderness Society finds locals value protected public lands in northern New Mexico. Street artist Parker Jennings shares his story about creating pirate […]

Episode 32: New Mexico Game and Fish Biologist Rick Winslow on Bears and Cougars, Cyndi Lauper Gets Vocal in The Land Of Enchantment

State biologist Rick Winslow says both the bear and cougar populations are doing just fine in New Mexico despite admitting the impossibility of accurately counting the stealth species. Cyndi Lauper performed in New Mexico over the weekend and spoke out about wage equality, voting and the activism work she’s dedicated her life to for LGBTQ […]

Episode 31: State Auditor on DD Embezzlement, Murder Trial To Begin For Albuquerque Police Officers, Common Fire

Auditor Keller announced a case of embezzlement by an employee of the the Developmental Disabilities PlanningCouncil. Jury selection has begun in the case of two former Albuquerque Police officers charged with murder for the on-duty shooting of homeless man James Boyd. A farm to table journey with Common Fire.

Episode 30: The Future of Coal In New Mexico and Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa

A tour of San Juan Generating Station and Mairel Nanasai of New Energy Economy on her work to shut down coal in New Mexico. Plus, hundreds of people gathered at the Neem Karoli Baba ashram this weekend in Taos to celebrate the maha-samadhi of the guru and share stories about Hanuman.

Episode 29: Taos Search and Rescue, High Density Drug Trafficking Area Application, Wilco Schmilco, Solutions Journalism on Sustainable Agriculture

Taos Search and Rescue has been coordinating important missions in the area for over 35 years. As they gear up for their annual fundraiser KNCE’s Rita Daniels meet the newest member in the canine K-9 unit and dives into what it takes to go on a SAR mission. Country Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe is hoping Taos […]

Episode 28: Taos Gorge Bridge-Suicide and Regeneration, North Dakota Pipeline, JR Logan Intro to Ag Land

More then 100 people have committed suicide in the past 20 years by jumping off of the Taos Gorge Bridge. This past weekend hundreds of people walked to the  iconic site during the 7th annual Regeneration Festival. The Taos Gorge Bridge Safety Network wants to see suicide prevention barriers installed on the bridge. New Energy […]

Episode 27: BLM Oil and Gas Leasing Changes, WIPP Update, NM Medical Cannabis Program Dysfunction with St. Cyr, DEA and Indian Hills

BLM announced this week a change in issuing oil and gas leases. Kyle Tisdel with the Western Environmental Law Center explains why he believes a shift to an online process violates the first amendment. Workers at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico has been practicing handling simulated nuclear waste in preparation for […]

Episode 26: Intro To Farming In New Mexico

Despite an intense grasshopper season Red Willow Farm on Taos Pueblo perseveres with their mission of preserving their agricultural traditions. Don Bustos of Santa Cruz farm continues to inspire up and coming farmers across the state. With a bumper apple crop this year you may want to strategize how to harvest and preserve the fruit.

Episode 25: Ranchos Water And Sewer Project, Rio Fernando Plan, Weather Forecast, Taos Farmers Market, Miles Bonny

Customers of Ranchos Mutual Domestic Water Consumer Association will not have water service today while a sewer main is installed. This evening Amigos Bravos will host an open meeting to discuss environmental monitoring of E. Coli in the Rîo Fernando. The latest forecast from the National Weather Service calls for cool temperatures and moisture. A […]

Episode 23: Regeneration Fest Welcomes Poet Winder And Hip Hop Artist Waln, NM Political Report On Polls And Johnson’s Lowrider Adventure, Drug Arrests At Indian Hills

Tanaya Winder and Frank Waln are both indigenous performers that will be rocking the Regeneration Festival on September 4th. They have powerful things to say about lessons in frailty, using music and poetry to heal and following ones own heart. New Mexico Political Report commissioned polls on the presidential and Secretary of State race as […]

Episode 22: Pride Wrap Up, Taos County Fair, Exploring Our Foodshed

This year Taos Pride honored victims shot at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Equality New Mexico gathered support to ban conversion therapy in the state as well as anti-bullying legislation. A drag queen troop performed on Saturday night as well. And a trip to this years county fair and farmers market.

Episode 21: Taos Pride, Pokémon Go, Tiger Football, Tania Casselle

Taos Pride is in it’s 7th year, with dozens of performers scheduled to rock the event which includes a a parade, burlesque dancers, a drag queen show and a training from the office of the attorney general on teen dating violence, cyber safety and teen suicide. The Pride movement stemmed from a riot at the […]

Episode 20: Taos High Seniors On Baseball And The Year Ahead, Anice Joy Invests In Experiences Over Material Items, Conceptual Trails Planning With The Taos Land Trust

Taos High School seniors are already excited about this years baseball season. Hot Yoga Taos proprietress Anice Joy joins us live in the studio to talk about wisely investing in experiences over material goods. Kristina Ortez de Jones invites people to participate in the Conceptual Trails Plan by coming to the meeting this Thursday at […]

Episode 19: First Day of School For THS, Weather Outlook

Enrollment numbers are way up this year for Taos High School with over 840 students on the roster according to Principle Robert Trujillo. KNCE’s Rita Daniels sits in on a packed World Literature class where students are warned about the paper fringe monsters that come from their notebooks. Also a peak into the culinary arts […]

Episode 18: The History Of Eagle Nest And The Moreno Valley, Cattle Mutilations, Goddess Fest With Jenny Bird, Melanie DeMore and Adrienne Braswell

100 years ago Taos Pueblo Indians were the labor contracted to build a damn on the Cimarron river, creating what is now Eagle Nest Lake State Park. The region had been a renegade gold-mining outpost. The Village is throwing a festival this weekend to commemorate the centennial. A few years ago I did some hefty reporting […]

Episode 17: Marijuana Trafficking Hits Close To Home

Yesterday my father got sentenced to prison for possession of over 500 pounds of marijuana in eastern Nebraska. When the arrest happened I quit my job and drove to the truck stop outside of Lincoln where a few days before Sheriff’s had confronted my dad while he was eating lunch. I also talk to his […]

Episode 16: Images of Divine Light, Sheep, Solutions Journalism

Alma Ortega and Marla McClymond debut their latest work Images of Divine Light tonight at the Living Light Gallery. Distinguished author Andrew Gulliford talks about his latest project, writing about the history of sheep in New Mexico while delving into the challenges present-day sheepmen face in the southwest. And Leah Todd joins the program to […]

Episode 15: Taos Jail, World Breastfeeding Week, Monsoon Flood Warning, Spanish And The Election

There were two confirmed deaths in the Taos County Detention Center during July. Taos News reporter Cody Hooks shares his latest reporting on the story. To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week Beth Enson, coordinator of the Latch-On Coalition, comes on the program to talk about the benefits of breastfeeding and inform us of local breastfeeding events […]

Episode 14: Peñasco Fiestas, McGaffey Fire, Sisterhood

The Martinez family in Peñasco has been cooking up hamburgers in their dancehall during the fiestas since 1949. We hear stories about the big acts that used to play while people drank rum and cokes, dancing the night away. And during this years parade we get a play by play on the low-riders. Plus, a […]

Episode 13: Carnivals, Airport Expansion, Taos News Editor Damon Scott

The carnival is in Peñasco this weekend for their 2016 Fiestas. We take a look at what rides they have to offer this year and dive back in time when another carnival was in the area. There were no happy endings that day. Plus the Taos Regional Airport Advisory Board meet last night, touring the […]

Episode 12: River Otters In New Mexico, Mirabai Starr And Her Caravan Of No Despair, Grief Group

Amigos Bravos Director Joe Zupan breaks down how successful the reintroduction of river otters has been in northern New Mexico. The environmental non-profit is also involved in testing for E Coli along the Rio Ferñando and wetlands restoration in the Lattire Wilderness. Author Mirabai Starr is live in-studio, reading from her memoir Caravan Of No […]

Episode 11: Mourning Trempealeau Morninglight And Butterfly Release At Golden Willow, Rock Tank Fire And Ecology, Taos Fiestas Parade

It was a rough weekend with the news of Trempealeau’s death. On Sunday Golden Willow happened to be holding their annual butterfly release ceremony where many could gather to mourn. I was escorted onto the Rock Tank fire with a fire ecologist to take a look first hand at how the low-intensity lighting caused fire. […]

Episode 10: Taos School of Music, Ondrea Levine on Forgiveness, Fiesta Court

The Taos School of Music is half way through it’s 2016 season. This year over 100 students auditioned for the 19 coveted spots. We learn the history of the school and hear from some of the musicians as they rehearse for this weekends recital. Ondrea Levine is well-known for the workshops she and her late […]

Episode 9: Bears That Attack and NM Dept of Health Code, Lightning Tips, Fecal Matter in Rivers

Runner Karen Williams was attacked by a bear while running a race through the Valles Caldera in June. She is now working to amend a New Mexico Department of Health administrative code requiring any wild animal that attacks a human in New Mexico be put down and tested for rabies. Journalist Dan Schwartz has been […]

Episode 8: Bears, Backpacking, Ecology, Climate

Last year the state game commission voted to increase the number of bears that can be killed by hunters in New Mexico. Environmentalists worried bear populations would not be able to recover from so much legal hunting and that the commission misused biological data on the species to increase the kill quotas. On this episode […]

Episode 7: Rio Grañde Watershed, Medical Cannabis, Gila Diversion Project, Climate Change

Amigos Bravos was recently awarded funding from the EPA to test for E.coli in the Rio Ferñando. Executive Director Joe Zupan says levels of the bacteria are high at places lake Baca Park and the opinion varies as to the source of the contamination. Cattleman blame leaching septic systems while some landowners attribute the problem to large herds […]

Episode 6: Oil-tank Fire, Celebrating Libraries, Weather Outlook, River Report

Breaking news of oil storage-tank fires that exploded in the San Juan Basin Monday night start the show. We talk to eye-witnesses, as well as a spokesperson from WPX Energy, the company leasing the federal land near Chaco Canyon where the fires erupted. Mike Eisenfeld with the San Juan Citizens Alliance and Lori Goodman of […]

Episode 5: Decolonizing Love, Opioid Epidemic, This Raging Light

On this episode of Wake Up, Taos! we talk with Priscilla Ybarra who just completed a residency at Mi Casita, the first home Aldo and Estella Leopold built in Tres Piedras, New Mexico. Ybarra’s focusing her work on decolonizing love. Also, award-winning reporter Edward Williams joins the program to talk about his new reporting project […]

Episode 4: Chasing the Independence Fire and An Invitation to Taos Pow-Wow

After reports from a listener about a lighting caused fire that sparked on Lama mountain didn’t line up with information from the US Forest Service, Rita Daniels went to go look at the Independence Fire for herself. And a spin around the Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow grounds in anticipation of this weekends event.

Episode 3: Creativity, Hard Work and Lucky Breaks

Wake Up, Taos! host Rita Daniels talks to her old boss Glynn Washington about creativity and working hard. Washington is the host of NPR’s Snap Judgment.

Episode 2: History and Meaning of July 4th, Examining the Declaration of Independence

As American’s celebrate the Fourth of July today we speak with historians Virginia Scharff and Paul Hutton about the significance of the day and what it meant for our nation when 56 high-powered men signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, committing treason against Britain.

Episode 1: Lama Foundation Reflects 20 Years After Hondo Fire, Ted Wiard on Healing and Group Trauma , Fire Ecology and Campfire Safety with USFS

In May of 1996 a small weed fire in San Cristobal got out of control, burning over 7,000 acres and 32 structures, including many at the Lama Foundation. Now, 20 years later, people who lived through that experience on Lama mountain are gathering at the retreat center.  Grief counselor Ted Wiard offers insight on group […]