KNCE 93.5, True Taos Radio is proud to partner with Stray Hearts Animal Shelter. Every year, KNCE True Taos Radio hosts a day-long radiothon to help raise money for this critical community organization.

This year’s Stray Hearts Radiothon was hosted live on KNCE all day on

Thursday, March 9, 2017!

Stray Hearts approached KNCE in our first year of broadcast, as they were preparing to host their 5th annual fundraising event. KNCE was pleased to partner with the Stray Hearts team, work together to learn from past fundraising events, and help make 2015 their biggest fundraiser yet.

There are a few aspects that make this fundraiser so successful. One of KNCE’s DJs, Stephen Plyler, is a huge supporter of Stray Hearts, and an integral member of the team that manages and hosts the radiothon. KNCE’s tech team has found a very affordable phone bank solution, along with different methods of accepting donations on the spot so the all donations made the day of the fundraiser are immediately confirmed and processed. KNCE’s close relationship with Taos Mesa Brewing also means that there is a home base where Stray Hearts on-air guests can relax before and after their visit to the studio. Taos Mesa Brewing also hosts a celebration show in the evening, FREE for all Stray Hearts donors.

The most important factor in the success of the radiothon is how much work the Stray Hearts board accomplishes before the fundraiser begins, from scheduling 20+ guests, to deploying a heavy marketing campaign, to finding donors willing to match incoming donations well before the day of the event.

KNCE is proud to support Stray Hearts; we do not charge for our radiothon services to Stray Hearts, and we do not take a percentage of the donations received. We are honored to support our community in this way.

Fundraising Roundup:

  • In 2015, the first year KNCE was broadcasting, we helped raise $65,000 for Stray Hearts.
  • In 2016, KNCE helped raise $75,000 on-air, and as a fantastic surprise someone called in at the end of the day, DOUBLING the donations. At least $150,000 was raised.
  • In 2017, the early estimates are that we raised $75,000; we’ll get the exact number out soon!
  • Total Raised: $290,000!




Can Anyone Host a Fundraiser on KNCE?

We’re certainly open to discussing the possibility of other radiothons to support great community causes. However, a word of explanation for our hesitation to say yes to everyone who wants to raise money: the biggest reason the Stray Hearts fundraiser is successful is that they have been hosting radiothons for years, and they do an immense amount of preparation with their own staff and supporters to prepare for this fundraiser.

In order for KNCE to commit to providing staff support and changing our on-air schedule to allow for an all-day fundraiser, we need to be sure that you and your team are prepared and ready to do the work necessary to develop a successful fundraising campaign. Due to our successful Kickstarter campaign, we know how much work it takes to run a successful fundraising campaign. The amount of time and effort involved makes hosting a successful fundraiser incredibly difficult; for this reason, we have established a vetting process for interested parties.

If you would like to open a dialogue regarding a fundraiser on KNCE, please contact us at