Episode 7: Rio Grañde Watershed, Medical Cannabis, Gila Diversion Project, Climate Change

Amigos Bravos was recently awarded funding from the EPA to test for E.coli in the Rio Ferñando. Executive Director Joe Zupan says levels of the bacteria are high at places lake Baca Park and the opinion varies as to the source of the contamination. Cattleman blame leaching septic systems while some landowners attribute the problem to large herds of livestock, according to Zupan.

During the River and Lands Cleanup last month 16 tons of waste was hauled out of  Rio Grañde watershed. Lorenzo Gutierrez  patrols illegal dumping for the county and says shot up televisions used for target practice are filling arroyos south of town. Once blown apart they ooze mercury into the river.

New Mexico In-Depth reporter Laura Paskus discusses her reporting work on climate change and the Gila River diversion plan.

Reporters Peter St. Cyr and Cody Hooks join the show to shin light on the state medical cannabis program as well as the collective bargaining agreement reached in June between the local educators union and the Taos School Board.