Episode 27: BLM Oil and Gas Leasing Changes, WIPP Update, NM Medical Cannabis Program Dysfunction with St. Cyr, DEA and Indian Hills

BLM announced this week a change in issuing oil and gas leases. Kyle Tisdel with the Western Environmental Law Center explains why he believes a shift to an online process violates the first amendment. Workers at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico has been practicing handling simulated nuclear waste in preparation for reopening the federal governments shuttered transuranic spent nuclear waste storage facility. Don Hancock with the Southwest Research and Information Center doesn’t believe the facility is prepared to safely resume operations. On August 22nd Department of Health Secretary designate Lynn Gallagher addressed a committee of lawmakers in Taos on the state medical cannabis program. Reporter Peter St. Cyr fact checked some of the statistics that Gallagher purported in her presentation and found the agency’s math to be far off. After the latest round of drug related arrests at the Indian Hills motel, the DEA operations manager in New Mexico joins the program to talk about the challenges of drug den properties.