Advertise in Taos, with KNCE, a 3,000 watt locally-owned, independent community radio station. KNCE features over 85 local DJs and we strive to bring listeners great music, talk, and news that is as diverse as our community.

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Our Accomplishments

  • Recipient of 2016 New Mexico Broadcasters Association Golden Mike Award for excellence in broadcasting
  • Voted 2nd best radio station in Best of Taos poll two years running-our first two years on the air!
  • Home to the Stray Hearts radiothon, raising over $65,000 in 2015 and over $150,000 in 2016, 100% of which went to the animal shelter
  • As a community service, we launched the SHOP LOCAL TAOS! campaign during the 2015 holiday season and local businesses reported a 30% increase in sales!
  • Our 85+ local DJs host hundreds of community members each year for free in-studio interviews
  • Our amazing listeners helped us raise over $33,000 on Kickstarter to grow the station

KNCE’s Reach

Beyond the fact that we have 85+ dedicated and awesome volunteer DJs from the community spreading the word about your support for KNCE, we also have a reach of 55,000+ across northern New Mexico, which gives you a great opportunity to advertise in Taos. We broadcast from the heart of the Taos community and reach many of the surrounding rural communities. If that’s not enough for you, we also boast a strong and dedicated international listener-ship through our online stream. We receive emails from all around the country and the world from recent visitors, who still tune in online and look forward to their next visit to Taos!

We are half the price of other advertising options in Taos, and our listeners are dedicated locals who will appreciate your support of KNCE. Spend less and focus your advertising on people who care.

KNCE is unique

KNCE is unique in our market — truly freeform, volunteer-driven, community radio, with live DJs coming to you from in-studio 7am – 2am nearly every day. As the only radio station in Taos County that doesn’t focus on only one genre of music, we have extremely diverse programming that attracts a broad base of loyal listeners from all walks of life. Our listener-ship is diverse, and generally 21 and older. We also focus on unique ways to advertise in Taos, our radio station doesn’t sound like anyone else and your ads don’t need to either! If you have an idea, we’re excited to hear it!

Our Current Advertisers

Small Local Business Support

Are you a small local business that wants to advertise in Taos? For a limited time, we have the cheapest radio advertising package you may ever see. We know how important your business is to the community, and we want to help you get your name out to our dedicated listeners! This advertising package features ads we call Airstreamers, and they are crazy cheap.

I want to be an Airstreamer

Advertise in Taos with KNCE

We have a variety of Taos advertising packages to suit your business or promotional needs, at rock-bottom prices you’ll only find at KNCE. You can click on the names below for more information about any package, but it’s easiest to contact us at!

30 or 15 second radio ads. To maximize listener engagement, we work hard to make sure our ads don’t sound like run-of-the-mill radio ads (the kind that make you want to turn the dial). We avoid jingles at all cost, and usually we suggest that the ad just be voice, with a personal touch. Our DJs tend to play instrumental music similar to their show style behind ads with no backing track. This makes for a unique and interesting listening experience every time your ad plays!

We can customize the placement of 30 second ads during the day.

Our 30 second ads start at $6.50/each, and there are quantity discounts!

Have our 85+ DJs promote your event! Our live DJ Reads are just that. You give us the copy, and our DJs read it throughout the day between 8am and 10pm. Our DJs are often so happy that you are supporting our station, that they will talk about your business after the read as well! This option is only available if you are trying to promote a sale or an event, not if you are just promoting your business.

DJ Reads start at $6.00/each, and there are quantity discounts!

Do you have a program you love? Sponsor the show! The DJ of your choice will promote your business throughout their show, with a custom ad 3 times every hour. This is a great opportunity to get involved with KNCE, especially if you have a personal relationship with a DJ and want to show your support! You will be able to pass information about your business on to them weekly if you have news and updates you wish to share.

Contact us for more information about show sponsorships — they are affordable and awesome!

This option is insanely cheap and is only available to small local businesses.

We understand that while most small businesses don’t have an advertising budget, they still want to be able to promote themselves. KNCE makes this very simple! Spots are 15 seconds long and cost only $2.50 each. You submit your copy to us, we record it, and every Tuesday we add them to our advertising rotation. This is a great opportunity for small local businesses to get their names out their in the community, and show support for local independent media and the same time!

Spots are 15 seconds long, $2.50 each, and there is a 3 month minimum.

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Do you love our station and want to support what we are doing, but don’t have a business? Good news: you can become a KNCE member! Learn more about membership here.