Monthly Archives: September 2016

Episode 37: Copper Rule, Taos Magazine with Andy Jones, Roots and Wires Fall Lineup Celebrating 20 Years

Journalist Laura Paskus joins the program to talk about movement this week revamping the Copper Rule after the New Mexico Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday from environmentalists, regulators and the mining industry. KNCE’s The Tonal Ranger, aka Andy Jones, is live in the studio, dishing out the latest on the Taos Balloon Rally and his […]

Episode 36: Emotional Intelligence at Taos High, PRC To Rule on PNM Rate Case

Hundreds of freshman from Taos High went on an EQ, emotional intelligence, learning retreat last week. The program, recognized by Yale University, is in it’s sixth year and teaches happiness, stress management, teamwork and trust building. Today the Public Regulation Commission is expected to issue a decision on Public Service Company of New Mexico’s rate case […]

Episode 35: Local News Headlines, Weather and Climate Outlook with the National Weather Service

On todays episode of Wake Up, Taos!, we spend some time with recent news headlines from across the state. And as the season changes, National Weather Service meteorologist Andrew Church joins the program.

Episode 34: Police Officers On Trial For Murder , Wilderness Society Survey Finds Taoseños Value Public Lands, PASEO artist Parker Jennings’ Inspiration Behind Radio Confessionals.

Associated Press reporter Russell Contreras has been covering the murder trail this week of two former Albuquerque Police Officers in the death of homeless man James Boyd. A new poll commissioned by the Wilderness Society finds locals value protected public lands in northern New Mexico. Street artist Parker Jennings shares his story about creating pirate […]

Episode 32: New Mexico Game and Fish Biologist Rick Winslow on Bears and Cougars, Cyndi Lauper Gets Vocal in The Land Of Enchantment

State biologist Rick Winslow says both the bear and cougar populations are doing just fine in New Mexico despite admitting the impossibility of accurately counting the stealth species. Cyndi Lauper performed in New Mexico over the weekend and spoke out about wage equality, voting and the activism work she’s dedicated her life to for LGBTQ […]

Episode 31: State Auditor on DD Embezzlement, Murder Trial To Begin For Albuquerque Police Officers, Common Fire

Auditor Keller announced a case of embezzlement by an employee of the the Developmental Disabilities PlanningCouncil. Jury selection has begun in the case of two former Albuquerque Police officers charged with murder for the on-duty shooting of homeless man James Boyd. A farm to table journey with Common Fire.

Episode 30: The Future of Coal In New Mexico and Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa

A tour of San Juan Generating Station and Mairel Nanasai of New Energy Economy on her work to shut down coal in New Mexico. Plus, hundreds of people gathered at the Neem Karoli Baba ashram this weekend in Taos to celebrate the maha-samadhi of the guru and share stories about Hanuman.

Episode 29: Taos Search and Rescue, High Density Drug Trafficking Area Application, Wilco Schmilco, Solutions Journalism on Sustainable Agriculture

Taos Search and Rescue has been coordinating important missions in the area for over 35 years. As they gear up for their annual fundraiser KNCE’s Rita Daniels meet the newest member in the canine K-9 unit and dives into what it takes to go on a SAR mission. Country Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe is hoping Taos […]

Episode 28: Taos Gorge Bridge-Suicide and Regeneration, North Dakota Pipeline, JR Logan Intro to Ag Land

More then 100 people have committed suicide in the past 20 years by jumping off of the Taos Gorge Bridge. This past weekend hundreds of people walked to the  iconic site during the 7th annual Regeneration Festival. The Taos Gorge Bridge Safety Network wants to see suicide prevention barriers installed on the bridge. New Energy […]

Episode 27: BLM Oil and Gas Leasing Changes, WIPP Update, NM Medical Cannabis Program Dysfunction with St. Cyr, DEA and Indian Hills

BLM announced this week a change in issuing oil and gas leases. Kyle Tisdel with the Western Environmental Law Center explains why he believes a shift to an online process violates the first amendment. Workers at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico has been practicing handling simulated nuclear waste in preparation for […]