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Episode 13: Carnivals, Airport Expansion, Taos News Editor Damon Scott

The carnival is in Peñasco this weekend for their 2016 Fiestas. We take a look at what rides they have to offer this year and dive back in time when another carnival was in the area. There were no happy endings that day. Plus the Taos Regional Airport Advisory Board meet last night, touring the […]

Episode 12: River Otters In New Mexico, Mirabai Starr And Her Caravan Of No Despair, Grief Group

Amigos Bravos Director Joe Zupan breaks down how successful the reintroduction of river otters has been in northern New Mexico. The environmental non-profit is also involved in testing for E Coli along the Rio Ferñando and wetlands restoration in the Lattire Wilderness. Author Mirabai Starr is live in-studio, reading from her memoir Caravan Of No […]

Episode 11: Mourning Trempealeau Morninglight And Butterfly Release At Golden Willow, Rock Tank Fire And Ecology, Taos Fiestas Parade

It was a rough weekend with the news of Trempealeau’s death. On Sunday Golden Willow happened to be holding their annual butterfly release ceremony where many could gather to mourn. I was escorted onto the Rock Tank fire with a fire ecologist to take a look first hand at how the low-intensity lighting caused fire. […]

Episode 10: Taos School of Music, Ondrea Levine on Forgiveness, Fiesta Court

The Taos School of Music is half way through it’s 2016 season. This year over 100 students auditioned for the 19 coveted spots. We learn the history of the school and hear from some of the musicians as they rehearse for this weekends recital. Ondrea Levine is well-known for the workshops she and her late […]

Episode 9: Bears That Attack and NM Dept of Health Code, Lightning Tips, Fecal Matter in Rivers

Runner Karen Williams was attacked by a bear while running a race through the Valles Caldera in June. She is now working to amend a New Mexico Department of Health administrative code requiring any wild animal that attacks a human in New Mexico be put down and tested for rabies. Journalist Dan Schwartz has been […]

Episode 8: Bears, Backpacking, Ecology, Climate

Last year the state game commission voted to increase the number of bears that can be killed by hunters in New Mexico. Environmentalists worried bear populations would not be able to recover from so much legal hunting and that the commission misused biological data on the species to increase the kill quotas. On this episode […]

Episode 7: Rio Grañde Watershed, Medical Cannabis, Gila Diversion Project, Climate Change

Amigos Bravos was recently awarded funding from the EPA to test for E.coli in the Rio Ferñando. Executive Director Joe Zupan says levels of the bacteria are high at places lake Baca Park and the opinion varies as to the source of the contamination. Cattleman blame leaching septic systems while some landowners attribute the problem to large herds […]

Episode 6: Oil-tank Fire, Celebrating Libraries, Weather Outlook, River Report

Breaking news of oil storage-tank fires that exploded in the San Juan Basin Monday night start the show. We talk to eye-witnesses, as well as a spokesperson from WPX Energy, the company leasing the federal land near Chaco Canyon where the fires erupted. Mike Eisenfeld with the San Juan Citizens Alliance and Lori Goodman of […]

Episode 5: Decolonizing Love, Opioid Epidemic, This Raging Light

On this episode of Wake Up, Taos! we talk with Priscilla Ybarra who just completed a residency at Mi Casita, the first home Aldo and Estella Leopold built in Tres Piedras, New Mexico. Ybarra’s focusing her work on decolonizing love. Also, award-winning reporter Edward Williams joins the program to talk about his new reporting project […]

Episode 4: Chasing the Independence Fire and An Invitation to Taos Pow-Wow

After reports from a listener about a lighting caused fire that sparked on Lama mountain didn’t line up with information from the US Forest Service, Rita Daniels went to go look at the Independence Fire for herself. And a spin around the Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow grounds in anticipation of this weekends event.

Episode 3: Creativity, Hard Work and Lucky Breaks

Wake Up, Taos! host Rita Daniels talks to her old boss Glynn Washington about creativity and working hard. Washington is the host of NPR’s Snap Judgment.

Episode 2: History and Meaning of July 4th, Examining the Declaration of Independence

As American’s celebrate the Fourth of July today we speak with historians Virginia Scharff and Paul Hutton about the significance of the day and what it meant for our nation when 56 high-powered men signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, committing treason against Britain.

Episode 1: Lama Foundation Reflects 20 Years After Hondo Fire, Ted Wiard on Healing and Group Trauma , Fire Ecology and Campfire Safety with USFS

In May of 1996 a small weed fire in San Cristobal got out of control, burning over 7,000 acres and 32 structures, including many at the Lama Foundation. Now, 20 years later, people who lived through that experience on Lama mountain are gathering at the retreat center.  Grief counselor Ted Wiard offers insight on group […]